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China wholesale market, China wholesale market Co.

P.O. box 43251
Guangdong, Guangdong 53285

Tel: 86 757 28900877
Fax: 86 757 28900878

Contact: Kien Wong, Marketing director
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Distributor/Wholesaler, Agent/Broker, Service Provider, Exporter/Importer
Annual Sales Volume: $1M to $5M
Harmonized System Codes: 6302 6303 6304 6902 6907 8418 8422 8512 9403 9405 9405 SC11 SC32 SC52 SC58 SC61 SC90 SC95 SC96 SC98

Business Message We are china buying agent, procurement agents, hotel FF&E purchasing agent & china sourcing agent for furniture, fitting & equipment. Buying trip to China wholesale market / center. We are is an internationally recognized provider of furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) procurement services that act as a professional sourcing agents, buying agents, buyer's representative and hotel FF&E purchasing agents.

Our buying trips programme will take clients to the largest or most popular wholesale market in Guangdong, China and even in the World. (Where not many buying agents or trading house will willing to show you their secret sourcing place) Our program is designed to increase transparency which allowed each client to be independent in their buying decision, choice of supplier, fully functional and feel confident in the China environment.

Our buying trips programme are open to all big or small entrepreneur, retailer, wholesaler, restaurateurs, hotelier, interior designer, architects, property's developer & project contractors, who are interested into making more money by import direct from China. When you join our buying trip, we will disclose to you where to buy & show you how to buy, at what quality & prices you should buy.

Buying trip package for 7days -
China Wholesale market:

The World's largest furniture wholesale center / market - Furniture
The World's largest lighting wholesale center / market - Lighting
Building Material wholesale center / market - Building Material Sanitary ware
Textile wholesale center / market - Textile for curtain & furnishing upholstery
Toys & gift wholesale market - Toy & Gift
Watches wholesale market - Watches
Replica handbag wholesale center - Replica handbag
Clothing wholesale market - Clothing
Deco. Ceramic wholesale market - Handmade Ceramic
Plants, tree & landscape wholesale center - Plants & landscape
Pets world wholesale center - Animals & pets accessories, dog collar, toys, treats, cage, animal clothing.
Seafood wholesale market - Seafood
Aquarium & marine fish wholesale center - Live fishes

*This buying trips package includes 7 days transportation to chosen destination, transportation from & to airport, hotel reservation, factory meeting arrangement, translator and consultation services.

For more information about our buying trip to this China wholesale market or China wholesale center. Please visit our website at:


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